Learn What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur

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Not only that. This is no hedonistic SoBe venture to produce a club space for a handful of hundred people to drink and dance all evening long. Capponi’s new mission entails fixing up a whole city if not the total country.

This daunting challenge may sound wildly ambitious, not to say foolhardy. But for this 39-12 months-old reformed heroin addict the humanitarian challenge is also compelling to disregard.

I feel we can revitalize this nation fully and make it a place men and women want to go to, he says. It’s doable.


While it may be difficult to believe now, there was a time when Miami was not the desirable destination that it is today. Michael Capponi saw this opportunity to pick up undervalued assets on the cheap, and he launched his entrepreneurial career that has launched him into a leading role in Miami’s world-famous nightlife scene. The last 20 years have seen him go from a relatively unknown individual to the Godfather of the Miami club scene.

Michael Capponi has his hands in several different ventures, and he is currently designing an app for a better club experience and heavily involved in a successful real estate empire. Those interested in being entrepreneurs can learn from this man who has diversified his work interests in order to ensure that he is capitalizing on as many opportunities as possible. While he faces challenges, he knows that there are many opportunities for amazing growth.